GUVI partnered with Google for Education in India

GUVI is an integrated Edu-tech Platform for technology Skills. This is the Indian Institute of Technology-Madras incubated start-up. It associates with AICTE & co-sponsored by BUDDI.AI.

GUVI stands for Grab Your Vernacular Imprint. It is an Indian Institute of Technology-Madras incubated company start-up. They started their journey in 2014. It is located at IITM Research Park Chennai.  It helps students easily master any programming skills. So they can acquire and effectively apply the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in their careers.

They offer practice exercises, instructional videos. A personalized learning dashboard that empower learners to study at their own pace. Also, they offer you an in-class Full Stack Developer Course with the opportunity to find the right Jobs., all through the platform. They provide a personalized and interactive learning experience in Vernacular Languages. It performs through the bite-sized video content, personalized assessments, and gamification.

Success Story:

The success story of GUVI is featured in the national, print media, and online magazines throughout the country. It achieves recognition from Guinness World Record through its ‘AI-for-India 1.0’ initiative.

Arun Prakash M, Founder and CEO said: “Team GUVI is proud to become a services partner of Google for Education, and is elated to be one of the top education-tech companies in India to impart real-world technological skills.”

[image]“Offering services and training related to Google for Education will benefit a wide range of learner communities by providing online skill training to much of the world. Together we aim to ensure that our learners make the most of this opportunity for gaining tech knowledge. This partnership not only aims to provide opportunities of learning to our learners but helps build the job-ready skills that are highly in demand,” Mr. Prakash added.

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