Revolution of 5G: Is It Harmful to the Environment?

Is 5G help the Environment? Yes. The Revolution of 5G technology helps the environment. When the temperature of the water is warmer, toxic blue-green algae bloom into the ocean. Recently Nokia uses its 5G drones with cameras to detect the blue-green algae in real-time. On the other hand, algae are monitoring from the shore in … Read more

GUVI partnered with Google for Education in India

GUVI is an integrated Edu-tech Platform for technology Skills. This is the Indian Institute of Technology-Madras incubated start-up. It associates with AICTE & co-sponsored by BUDDI.AI. GUVI stands for Grab Your Vernacular Imprint. It is an Indian Institute of Technology-Madras incubated company start-up. They started their journey in 2014. It is located at IITM Research … Read more

What is IMSI

IMSI is a 15 digit number that is present in all SIM cards in the world, and this number is different. As a result, each SIM card can be identified separately.